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Health testing throughout life


From General Health Tests to Specialist Tests such as Fertility Testing, Melio connects you to multiple NHS and private labs seamlessly.


Melio makes the collection and delivery of samples easy, with no costs or equipment needed.

Medical reporting

Melio’s team of consultant medics give your customers the medical guidance they need, and can signpost them back to your business.

Tests throughout life

From General Health Tests to Specialist Tests, from Fertility to Occupational Health, Melio helps your customers with the tests they need at a convenient location.

Fast and reliable 

Waiting for results is one of the most anxious parts of the customer experience. We keep customer informed throughout the process and have trained staff available to answer their queries.

Fully digital experience 

Our service is fully digital so customers can learn more about their results and share them with their care provider, including you if they want to. This can help them to act on their results by returning to your business.

Choose the test that best suits you

Types of COVID-19 screening tests

COVID-19 Test-to-Release PCR Swab

Test on "Day 5" to leave quarantine early, results by 9pm next day.

More information - £120

COVID-19 Express Fit-to-Fly PCR Swab

Download your "Fit-to-Fly" certificate instantly when you receive a negative result.

More information - £199
image pcr 24 hours

COVID-19 Fit-to-Fly PCR Swab

Results available in your Melio account next day by 9pm.

More information - £120

COVID-19 Express Test-to-Release PCR Swab

Test on "Day 5" to leave quarantine early.

More information - £199


First commercial test to identify T cell immune response to Covid-19.

More information - £169

COVID-19 Siemens Total Antibody

Blood test carried out by a trained health professional.

More information - £69
image of serology and vitamin d test

COVID-19 Siemens Total Antibody & Vitamin D

Blood test carried out by a trained health professional.

More information - £89
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General health testing

A comprehensive overview of your current health status

Her Hormone Fertility Test

Insights into reproductive health and potential ways to improve.

More information £209

His Fertility

Health areas affecting male fertility and potential ways to improve.

More information £109

General Health Check

A comprehensive Health MOT for adults of any age.

More information £179

Cardiovascular Risk

Test your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

More information £79

Vitamin D

In-clinic blood draw by a trained professional included.

More information £55

Nutrition Test

Checks for common vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

More information £89

Advanced Thyroid Function

Includes thyroid hormones and antibodies.

More information £75

PSA Test

Analysed by UKAS accredited laboratory.

More information £69

Hepatitis B Immunity Test

Test your level of immunity against Hepatitis B after vaccination.

More information £59

Perimenopause Health Test

A comprehensive Health MOT for adults of any age.

More information £99

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

A comprehensive Health MOT for adults of any age.

More information £379

Early Pregnancy Test

A comprehensive Health MOT for adults of any age.

More information £69
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Drawmore: an innovative collection device

Drawmore is an innovative collection device designed to facilitate finger blood collection. It aims to solve the issues surrounding traditional blood collection using just a lancet and a collection tube. By having a device that attaches to the finger with tubes clipped on, we can simply let the sample collect in the tubes. This also frees up one of your hands, which can be used to massage the finger to increase blood flow if necessary. Additionally, one of the biggest challenges with traditional collection is getting the sample into the tube.

The Drawmore device solves this by having a large funnel allowing the sample to drip into each tube consecutively. This allows for a larger sample quantity to be taken which in turn allows for more tests to be conducted.

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Why Melio?

High quality results

Your blood is analysed by the largest labs in Europe, ensuring the highest quality results.

Doctor reviewed

Your results come with tailored recommendations from our team of doctors so you can start a personal and meaningful health journey.

Quick and easy experience

A trained professional will take your blood sample in a 15 minute appointment - so it’s quick, easy and you know you’re in safe hands.

How Melio works

Melio offers a premium health testing experience throughout the UK. A trained health professional at one of our partner clinics will perform the blood draw, and send the sample to one of our UKAS accredited labs. Results are delivered digitally in your personal Melio account together with a personalised medical report.

Buy your test

Register with Melio and book your appointment.

Take your test

Visit the clinic and take your professional blood test.

Get your results

Receive your digital report with recommendations from a Melio doctor.

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Our dedicated team can be contacted directly on 0333 772 9172. Alternatively, leave your details below and one of our team members will call you soon.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can buy this test?

To purchase a blood test from Melio you need to be over 16, and have a valid photo ID for identification in one of our locations. As an adult you can also purchase a COVID-19 Swab test for a child under 16 years of age, but you still need to bring valid photo ID (such as a passport) for the child to be tested.

On our website you can order any of our tests, however all tests are not available at all our partner clinics, so make sure that you check the availability before purchasing your test.

When placing your order, you'll be asked to register a Melio account using your phone number for two-stage authentication so that you can access your information safely. 

Once you've placed your order (account registered and payment completed), you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to take the test and how to complete your health profile.

Your results will be delivered together with a medical comment via your personal Melio account. For safe access you'll need to login using both your password and a PIN code sent to you mobile via SMS (two-stage authentication).

Where do I go to have my blood taken?

All Melio test are not available at all our partner clinics, so make sure that you check the availability before purchasing your test.

Before buying a test

  • Click the 'Clinics & Availability' link for the product you're interested in to find the available locations and time slots.

After buying a test

  • When you've bought a Melio test, click the 'Book Appointment' button from your Melio dashboard to find your nearest clinic and to book your appointment.

How do I receive my medical comment?

All of our doctors are registered specialists. When you have registered a profile with melio, we ask that you fill out a health questionnaire in your personal profile so that the doctor reviewing your test results can give you more personalised comments and advice.

When we receive your test results from the laboratory, one of our doctors will review and interpret your data together with the medical information you have provided in your profile. 

When your results have been reviewed the doctor will write comments in your personal journal and you will be notified once the comments are available.

What happens if there is a problem with my sample?

If your sample is missing or needs re-testing, our support team will contact you as soon as possible to solve it.

What happens if my results are out of the normal range?

Your results will be explained by our doctors in your personal comments, so that you can contact your GP in case any results are out of range. We will notify you very clearly if you need to follow up with your regular GP.

In case of very serious or urgent findings, one of our doctors will reach out to you directly.

When will you add more test packages?

At melio we are always working to improve and expand our range of health tests. As more tests and services become available you will be the first to know.

Our medical team

Your results will be assessed and commented on by one of our incredible team of doctors.

Nuria Valdeolivas

Graduate in medicine.
Specialist in internal medicine.

Carmen Pérez

Graduate in medicine.
Specialist in endocrinology and nutrition.

Jimena Cantero

Graduate in medicine.
Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics.

What our partners says

With Melio my clients leave the office with a flyer for the tests they need in their email along with the instructions to perform the test. With them I facilitate the entire test request process.

Multidisciplinary clinic, Seville

The tests are a fundamental part of my practice and by doing them with Melio I have increased my income up to 6.000€/month without incurring any additional costs.

Nutritionist, Madrid

We always had a lot of problems with the attention and follow-up of the laboratories. Dealing with pregnant women, the level of anxiety about the results is high and with Melio I know that my clients are taken care of in a more personal way.

Gynecologist, Madrid

Easy and intuitive. We want to position ourselves as an innovative clinic and the truth is that working with Melio brings us closer to that image.

Aesthetic Center, Valencia